Video - 3 Quick Tips to Help You and (Your Child) to Get Started with Journaling

1. Get Excited

Share with your child that you are excited about this journal. Explain to your child why topics such as gratitude, self-awareness, confidence, courage, and grit, are important in life and this journal helps her/him learn these skills through self-discovery.

2. Day 1

Read the step by step "how to" next and do "Day 1" together with your child.  As this is a new experience for your child, give appropriate time for discussion related to the writing prompts.

3. Week 1

Do the journal together for the first 7 days, to answer any questions your child might have. Set up a routine. Many parents incorporate it into their bedtime routine, as a way to wind down, reflect a bit before going to bed.

Last but not least, don't forget to celebrate!

At the end of Week 1, discuss with your child what she/he has learned. Brainstorm together how to put these ideas into action. More importantly, do something to celebrate. Whether your child spent 10 minutes or 10 seconds doing this journal, just keep encouraging them to continue on this life-changing journey of self-discovery.