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We help kids become good leaders today, so they can live extraordinary lives tomorrow.

Our Vision

Every morning when our kids wake up, they feel radiantly alive, and happy. No matter what happens during their day, they are equipped with the confidence, resilience and inspiration to fulfill their truest potential.


This is the world we are committed to creating...

"If you look at the leadership related materials out there, most were created in the 20th century with 20th century military or industrial age roots. It’s not appropriate for kids, and it’s not appropriate for this day and age either.


As parents, we definitely need something that works for kids and also, a model of leadership that works for the global and connected world we live in today.


That’s why I created the Leadership4Kids journals – all rooted in the teachings of the world’s greatest wisdoms. So any kid, anywhere in the world, can use it and benefit from it."



Peter J. Liang 

founder @Leadership4Kids, father of two (not a super dad, but close)


American business executive and best-selling author, Peter J. Liang is the founder of Leadership4kids, a leadership development organization committed to helping kids become better leaders through mind and body education to improve movement patterns, self-confidence, and presence.  


For nearly ten years, Peter has used his experience gained as a business executive, entrepreneur, and a board member for various organizations to help kids develop leadership qualities such as confidence, courage, and gratitude so they can live a more fulfilled life.  

Peter has been called "a master of the motivational" and is a sought-after speaker on the topic of children's leadership development and leadership embodiment practices, Peter is also an Official Member of the Forbes Communications Council and the recipient of the 40 Under 40 Award by Long Island Business News.  


Peter is a graduate of Harvard University's Strategic Management certification program and holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Stony Brook University. A long-time practitioner of Tai-Chi, which forms the foundation of his leadership embodiment practice, Peter has also been trained in Dr. Paul Linden's Being-in-Movement mind/body education, stress reduction, compassionate power, and peacemaking

Meet Our Founder -- Peter J. Liang

Peter J. Liang

(Not a super dad, but close)