Centering -- A 3 Minute Exercise to Help Kids Practice Mindfulness

Centering -- A 3 Minute Exercise to Help Kids Practice Mindfulness

Leadership4Kids Centering Exercise

    What is a “centering” exercise?

    Research shows mindfulness practice such as meditation improves decision making ability, focus, and memory. One of the first things you see on top of all the Leadership4Kids journals is  the “centering” exercise, as a way to help kids settle in a bit before they start writing.

    The “centering” exercise, or sometimes called “grounding,” has its roots in mindfulness and meditation which has been around for thousands of years.

    Simply put, it’s a great way to help kids become more aware of the rhythms of their own body and connect deeply to the world around them. It helps them to relieve stress, improve confidence, and feel grounded with a positive mental attitude at school and home.


    Why is “centering” important for self-discovery?

    Being a centered means having the ability to maintain one’s balance, especially in the midst of action. A centered leader knows where she stands, what she stands for, and therefore, much more likely to act (instead of of react) in a principled way.

    To teach this to kids, I have simplified the “centering” exercise from Tai Chi. And after studying with Dr. Paul Linden, founder of Being In Movement® mind-body training, I have adapted his methods of “smiling heart” and “shine” which is perfect for kids.

    Here's a guided audio version. It only takes about three minutes. Give it a try and let us know what you think. 

    Leadership4Kids Centering Exercise (MP3 Audio Download)

    Now, if you prefer lead this mindful exercise by yourself, you can use the following script 

    Leadership4Kids Centering Exercise (Printable Script)