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"Focused on developing the leadership skills and self-awareness of youngsters...are guided every inch of the way by the most salient inspirational prompts and questions..."

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Leadership-building journal for kids (8-12)

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What Parents Are Saying

In this time when we are all at home it is a lovely journal with good prompts for kids to follow. Bought this as a gift for my friend's kids as I believe leadership should be taught early in life. I like the curriculum so much that I just bought a few more to give out. Definitely recommend.

Maya A.

Wonderful tool to promote inner growth! My tween daughter enjoyed the journal. She appreciated the specific prompts on each page which made the goals very tangible. Its a wonderful tool for reflection and growth really at any age - even I felt it useful at my age!

Chole S.

Love the layout of this book. The introduction was brief and easy to understand for my 8 year old. Each page is dedicated to one day. The journal gives suggested writing topics for that day. Your child can write as much or as little as he/she wants so even if your child doesn’t like to write, this journal won’t feel overwhelming.

Stephanie A.

Such a great escape...It is such a weird time for kids and this book allows my 10 year old to express his feelings in a way that does not embarrass him, because parents are embarrassing. It's also a great way to continue his writing skills while not in school.

Angela D

This has helped my kids tap into important skills like gratitude and I can't wait to see what they learn further. I also love that it taps into deep breathing and really listening to your body and emotions. These are great skills to be teaching our kiddos. THANK YOU

Mac O.

The journal is great. It helps kids cultivate a growth mindset, and see what they already have and to be grateful for everything. Would recommend!

Linda O.

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"This journal should be on every kid's gift list..."

- Dr. Melissa Linden (ret. Elementary School Principal)

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