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Every morning when our kids wake up, they feel radiantly alive, and happy. No matter what happens during their day, they are equipped with the confidence, resilience and inspiration to fulfill their truest potential. 


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Raise a future leader...
Help your child develop leadership skills with "I AM A LEADER: a 90-Day Leadership Journal for Kids"

"So simple that a child would be able to complete it without additional guidance from an adult..."


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A 90-Day Leadership

Journal for Kids

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Leadership Journal for Kids (ages 8 - 12)

I AM A LEADER is an award-winning, 114-page guided journal with clear and specific prompts ranging progressively from the more inward-looking “gratitude,” “courage” and “intention” to the more outward-looking “take action” and “make a difference.”

What parents are saying...

I bought this for my 11 years old son.  This journal not only fostered a good writing habit but also helped him become more focused and start to appreciate things and people around him. Highly recommend.

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If you want to build a ship, don't drum up others to gather up wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea...               

A perfect GIFT for kids (ages 8 - 12) to help them gain leadership skills such as Confidence, Self-Awareness, Grit, and Gratitude!


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