Our Mission

We inspire and empower kids to
find their light and live life to the fullest.

Leadership4Kids Our Values

Our Values - L I G H T

Love, Inclusion, Gratitude, Humility, and Trust - these are the values we live and breathe by, day in and day out. They have served as the guiding principle for all decisions, actions and behavior since we began.

Authentic Leadership Development through Self-Discovery


"My 4th graders have been using your leadership journals this year.  We've been in and out of school periodically due to the pandemic, but when we are together we have made it part of classroom routine.  I have found that my kids are way more insightful than I imagined. The journals have allowed us to have some meaningful conversation in the classroom and really dig deep into the definition of gratitude.  It was needed more now than ever and I am truly appreciative." -- Tiffany Cooney, 4th Grade Teacher, Desert Mountain Elementary

At Leadership4Kids, we design and create kid-friendly journals to inspire and empower kids through self-discovery. I AM A LEADER is our #1 best-selling leadership journal for kids (ages 8 - 12), which are trusted and used by many school districts and non-profit youth organizations to support their SEL programs.

Our Founder - JP Liang

American business executive and #1 best-selling author, Peter 'JP' Liang is the founder of Leadership4Kids, a New York based social enterprise committed to empowering kids through self-discovery and authentic leadership development. 

"Everything we create begins with intention. Through the power of self-discovery, we help kids cultivate authentic leadership skills (love, inclusion, gratitude, humility and trust) so they can flourish and live a radiant, abundant, and joyful life."   --  JP Liang

  • Founder of Leadership4Kids
  • #1 Best-selling author of I AM A LEADER
  • Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow at Harvard University
  • Entrepreneur in Residence, Harvard Alumni Entrepreneur
  • Mentor, Harvard Innovation Lab
  • Advisor, Connect-Ed
  • Advisor, Narratio
  • Advisor, The Nearness
  • Board Director at Columbia Alumni Association
  • Board Trustee at Bryant Library
    As the founder of Leadership4Kids, JP has been called "a master of the motivational" by Readers Favorite. A sought-after speaker, JP has spoken around the world at youth leadership and education conferences, and his work has been featured on some of the world's most established media outlets such as Forbes, NBC, ABC, and ThriveGlobal. 

    "JP Liang is creating kid-friendly journals to help kids develop their authentic leadership skills..."   --  Forbes

    JP was exposed to Eastern mindfulness at an early age and integrates his teachings with Western leadership practices gained as a corporate executive, tech entrepreneur, and private investor. Using this unique blend of East and West, JP has devoted himself to helping kids develop authentic leadership skills (i.e. self-awareness, courage, grit, gratitude), so they can flourish and live a radiant, abundant, and joyful life.

    JP is a graduate of Columbia Business School, an Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) Fellow at Harvard University, and serves on a number of non-profit boards including Columbia Alumni Association and the Bryant Library. A long-time practitioner of Zen and Tai-Chi, which forms the foundation of his leadership embodiment practice, JP has also been trained in various other embodiment practices such as Alexander Technique, Dr. Paul Linden's Being-in-Movement, and Philip Shepherd's TEPP.

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